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Who Should Attend This Conference?

Writers With a Complete or Near Complete MS

If you have a complete or near complete novel ms or narrative non-fiction and you feel it is ready to pitch to an editor at a major publishing house, the New York Pitch Conference is organized and designed to benefit you in a number of different ways. Please read the How It Works page for more detailed information. If you are six months or more away from completing a novel, you might choose to attend because you want guidance or instruction on shaping your novel. Regardless, please note that if you have two or more novels, you will be allowed to pitch only one novel per pitch session, and one novel only during the pitch workshops. Choose your best work to pitch.

Writers Who Need a Reality Check

You've been working on your novel for a few months or a few years (or more) and you feel you need a reality check from professional editors to determine whether or not you are on the right track. Perhaps you are not sure about the premise, the evolution of the plot, or characters, etc., and/or you've received conflicting or potentially bad advice from way too many amateurs. Reality check time.

Writers Who Wish to Understand Publishing

Regardless the condition of your novel, you wish to use this conference as a means of learning more about the publishing business from a variety of insiders, and just as importantly, in an atmosphere that allows for productive interaction. Both the acquisition and fiction editors will cover this subject matter in considerable detail. Also, all editors will be very frank. This is not for writers who simply want their backs slapped.

Who Should Not Participate?

Writers in Search of the Average Writer Conference

This conference is not for beginner writers who would benefit more from the average writer conference, i.e, a conference that has panels, speakers, and classes for beginners.

Writers in Search of Craft

This conference is not for novel writers currently requiring study and classroom instruction and/or hands-on exercises that demonstrate the application of fiction craft. If you are in need of workshops that provide the aforementioned, this conference will not be comprehensive enough to benefit you. Our advice is to hone your craft, practice your writing, learn the nuances of plot, complication, and other elements, then consider attending a future pitch and shop conference.

Writers in Search of Praise Only

The New York Pitch Conference exists to provide writers an opportunity to pitch their novels to top editorial professionals, as well as a realistic window into the publishing business and what it takes to get a novel successfully published. As necessary, during the pitch shops and sessions, we will tell you what works and what does not. If we fail to be honest, we fail not only you, but everyone else participating with you. If you are not looking for honest evaluation, please look elsewhere.

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- New York Pitch Authors and Books -

It began with "The Fiction Class" by Susan Breen. Going into 2021, the New York Pitch has assisted and networked writers into dozens of agent and commercial publishing contracts. More information and commentary on this subject can be found on our NYC news page. 


Interview with New York Pitch Conference attendee, writer Christine Stewart, writer in residence at the Creative Alliance in Baltimore, Director of the Write Here, Write Now workshops, founding co-sponsor of the Baltimore chapter of the Maryland Writers Association, and recipient of the Ruth Lilly Fellowship.  

Interview with New York Pitch attendee, best-selling author Pam Binder. Two of the four editors I met with asked to see my work and the other two were very interested ... I credit the reception of all four editors to the pitch. It generated questions which helped me explain in more detail the vision of the project.  

Interview with New York Pitch Conference attendee, author Kate Gallison. Her second mystery series featured Mother Lavinia Grey, an Episcopal priest in a small town in New Jersey struggling to keep her church open and solve the occasional murder...  

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